Electronic or ultrasonic technology is one of the ways found to be the solution to repel pests away from home including rodents. The question in many people’s asking is if it really works. While commonly, one might have put their hands dirty into baits, traps, and harmful substances as the rodent repellents to get rid of them as well as other pests at home, the electronic repellents are everywhere online and at the store. They are there to try, and this is what you might want to get to know about the pest control method.

Ultrasonic pest repeller is simply a device that is made to generate high frequency or soundwaves that is quite disturbing to pests’ hearing. As soon as one of the electronic repellents is plugged in, it will start to produce the frequency and emit it around within its covering capacity. If it really works that way, those pests and rodents tend to choose to leave because the environment is no more favorable to them. If it is effective, it works that way. 

And, when asked about the effectiveness, there are no proven evidence or scientific research studies that really claim the actual data of the effectiveness yet. The individual situations and conditions to various pests are quite versatile that a claim might not be able to represent the fact about all, generally. Nonetheless, it is all about the actual testing of users. Lots of ultrasonic pest repellers have been sold everywhere online and off-line. 

This kind of technology started to exist around the 1950s, and if it is totally ineffective, there would not be any of them on the market until now. And according to what we have heard from many actual experiences with ultrasonic pest repellers, it has been quite positive. So many have found it working amazing for them while there are few who see them less effective to their pest situations at home.

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At the same time that ultrasonic pest repellers are about the frequency technology, there are so many of the products that are being sold. Thus, the quality of the ultrasonic pest repellers one might have chosen is another fact that decides if the technology is effective or ineffective. Another factor is about how serious the infestation is in your situation. If it is a minor and medium one, you surely do not yet need the exterminator or any other pest control services to help you. It surely will be more costly.

And because plenty of ultrasonic and electronic repellents are available while they do not seem to be so expensive, you surely can have a try if baits, traps, and pesticides are what you do not want to involve in. It is also a humane way to deal with those pests with such a technology because it will not harm them by any way except to annoy and chase them away. 

In addition, before selecting any of the ultrasonic pest repellents, you had better look for the one that is more into the design that is right to the kind of pests you are having the problems with. It is likely to be more effective. In some cases, if your home is large, you might need more than one of them to work out. Each ultrasonic pest repellent has its over coverage. Normally, the longer it is, the less powerful the frequencies are going to be.

Are Electronic Rodent Repellents Safe?

The related question many people often ask along is if the electronic rodent repellents are safe. Again, it is a kind of ultrasonic pest repellent, and the technology is only around the noise and the frequency it emits. Most of the time, we can not hear those frequencies. Our hearing does not detect that, and it then does nothing to us. Nevertheless, if you have little pets at home, they might be able to hear it and be annoyed by the frequency just as those pests do. 

There have been some ultrasonic pest repellers we have seen that claim their ones do not harm any pet. Such things over the descriptions about the ultrasonic pest repellers are what you can look for and confirm with the sellers if you think you need. Some of them are also given return warranty. If it does not work the way it is supposed to, you can always claim for your refund when it is the case.

Other Prevention Tips

Though you may decide to try out with the electronic rodent repellents, it is important as well that you take other possible actions you can to prevent them from reaching your home. It is always a good idea to add extra defence to your home to keep rodents away. What you probably can do is such as using the door sweeps, clear potential hiding places away from your entrance, mesh cover your vents, and look for other holes that might exist and be a possible way rodents can get into your home.