Dogs often like chewing, and that could damage your household objects easily if you have one at home. While it may take time to train them and let them know it is not the thing to do, you can actually have the best dog deterrent spray to help. Many of them are available at an affordable price on the market. At the same time, they are proven to work really well and effectively. If that is what you are actually looking for, we have got a list of them for your consideration below. A few minutes should be enough to go through all of these.

1.Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs to Stop Chewing Pet Corrector Spray for Dogs Puppies Cats & Kittens Powerful Anti Chew Deterrent Training Aid – Alcohol Free & Non Toxic Natural Safe No Chew Spray 8oz

This first anti-chew dog spray is the Bitter Apple Spray. It is a kind of corrector to stop dogs from chewing things you do not want them to. It is a powerful formula that is quite deterring to train dogs. Even better, it is pretty organic, having alcohol free and non toxic, surely. With the spray at home, you can make sure your dog will not lick, bite or chew your shoes, cords, toys, and other household objects.

The spray, in addition, is claimed to be extremely friendly to skin. It will not sting or burn the skin while very harmless for dogs. Other than this, it is odor free and will not leave any stain to your interior or furniture after the spray. It is then a really good choice as the best dog deterrent spray.

What Is Great about this Dog Deterrent Spray

Many have agreed the spray works great for them. Some said it just takes a bit of time. Some have also tried the anti-chew spray with cats, and it works well too, as said. Overall, there is a good satisfaction among dog owners.

What Isn’t Great about this Dog Deterrent Spray

Meanwhile, there are a few people who said the spray does not work for them. One even stressed it as their horrible experience because the package simply leaks.

2.PetSafe SprayShield Animal Deterrent – Citronella Dog Repellent Spray – Ranges up to 10 ft – 2.4 oz / 71 mL – Protect Yourself and Your Pets

This second best dog deterrent spray is the PetSafe ANimal Deterrent. It is simply the formula of Citronella dog repellent. It comes with a high safety standard while being extremely effective. The spray is not only to stop dogs from chewing your things, it can only keep them away from you while outdoors. 

The citronella scent in the spray is as effective and powerful as you can trust. The deterrent spray, in addition, is in a small, compact size you can bring along with easily. If you are often scared of dogs when walking outside, this is a good little spray you should bring with.

What Is Great about this Dog Deterrent Spray

Over 1.4 k reviews have been made to this dog deterrent spray. It is 66 percent who rated the spray 5 stars out of 5. That is such a good overall satisfaction we can see. It brings a lot of good evidence to tell this dog spray is pretty effective. Many of those are actually very happy, having found it working very well for them.

What Isn’t Great about this Dog Deterrent Spray

As few as 10 percent among all the reviews who, in contrast, do not find it working well for them. Those have been upset with the fact that the product does not show effectiveness for them in their cases.

3.Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray | Trains Your Pet Where Not to Urinate | Repellent & Training Corrector for Puppies & Dogs | for Indoor & Outdoor Use | No More Marking | Made in The USA

Next to check out is this Bodhi Dog Not Here. It is a dog spray you can ask for them to train your dogs to not chew as well as urinate in the place you do not want them to. This spray is the product of the USA, and it owns a high effectiveness as the helping hand for your dog correcting effort.

It works well with both puppies and dogs, indoors and outdoors. It leaves no mark after the spray, and it will work terrifically well for you, just like it does for so many so far. The spray also contains none of harmful substances to humans, dogs and the environment. It is very eco-friendly, and importantly, it is proven to work really well.

What Is Great about this Dog Deterrent Spray

A lot of the reviews feel this is a high quality product. They have seen excellent effectiveness in the spray. And that is why they are so delighted with it. Some even express it as a miracle in the bottle.

What Isn’t Great about this Dog Deterrent Spray

On the contrary, there are also reviews that feel it is a waste of money to have bought the spray. They see it not working well enough for them. It is about 23 percent among all the reviews who feel this way or similar.

4.Bodhi Dog New Bitter 2 in 1 No Chew & Hot Spot Spray | All Natural Anti-Chew Remedy | Safe for Skin, Wounds, Anything Else | Made in USA

Bodhi Dog New Bitter is another spot spray, dog deterrent you can check out. The all-natural formula is proven to work really well while it is extremely safe for skin and wounds. It is perfectly harmless to dogs themselves, at the same time. You could use it indoors or outdoors as it will not leave any stain on your furniture or interior afterward.

The spray simply comes with a strong bitter scent, which might be a little bit unpleasant to some people. Other than this, there is nothing to worry about. The quality is high and proven while the ingredients and formula is very organic and safe for use for both people and animals.

What Is Great about this Dog Deterrent Spray

The majority of the dog owners who have used the spray said it works absolutely well for them. They are happy and have highly recommended it. They feel very good about the affordable price of the spray, saying there is a good value in the product.

What Isn’t Great about this Dog Deterrent Spray

About 10 percent of all the review, they are not as happy with the deterrent spray. They did not see the spray working great for them. Dogs are still seen to lick, they added. Some said it is difficult to apply. There are also defective units which have been delivered.

5.Petsvv No Chew Spray Deterrent for Dogs, Purple

The last best dog deterrent spray is the PetSVV no Chew Spray. It is a nice bottle with the powerful formula to keep dogs away from anything you are training them to not chew. The spray is extremely repellent while the formula is all natural. It is then very safe to use for dogs and the owners.

You can trust this spray as the dog corrector, by its natural bitter smell and taste. It is also very easy to spray and apply. Additionally, the spray does not only work with dogs and puppies but also cats and kittens. As for the instruction, you are recommended to spray three or four times a day for the first 14 days. And, you then can start at a lower frequency. You will see a satisfied result after that.

What Is Great about this Dog Deterrent Spray

A lot of people have seen a lot of good value in the spray. They mainly find it working pretty well for them for the purpose. Easy application and spray is another reason some have mentioned for the reasons they like the deterrent spray.

What Isn’t Great about this Dog Deterrent Spray

For those who still see their dogs chewing their things after the spray, they are upset and feel it is a waste of time. Ineffectiveness is the main thing that get them to rate the spray low and not as positive.