Many flying insects like to live around people. Some of them are even biting flies. They are often quite annoying in many ways. Nonetheless, killing them is never really a solution because there are just so many, and  new ones will keep coming. If you do not either like the idea of killing them, there can be only one solution. It is finding an ultrasonic pest repeller for help.

However, even before that, it is a really good idea to try the natural fly repellent plants first. Many have found the plants working fine while it does not cost you anything except your time and care over them while they are something green, natural and nice to have at home too. The following are some of the natural fly repellent plants you can check out if you can have some of them to try repelling the flying insects at home.


Pennyroyal is a nice plant, often used as a decorative plant at home. It, nonetheless, is also a good repellent plant to most biting fly insects. Its aromatic oils are extremely deterring to those flies. Meanwhile, this kind of plant can only be ingested under the supervision of the doctor when necessary. In another, if you need it as a natural insecticide, you may grow it around your other plants in your garden, it will do the job for you.

Sweet Basil

By nature, Sweet Basil has the scent in its leaves, and that sweet scent is nice and quite deterrent to flies. In many cases, it works really well for the purpose. However, it is worth noticing that once it starts to flower, it will reduce its ability to release that scent from its leaves, making its quality to deter flies decrease, accordingly. To keep it working well as the repellent, you can try to prevent it from flowering. Once noticing it trying to do so, you can chop it off. 

Bay Leaf

Bay is another lovely plant you can rely on to repel flying insects at home. Even its dried leaves will work great as the repellent. If you can grow it, you should. If not, you may just buy some of the leaves at the store and have a try with it. In addition, if to grow it, you had better put it outside during the summer and inside during the winter. It is likely that you will find it a great repellent for flies.


The beautiful look and wonderful smell in Lavender make it a very nice plant for us. However, its nature is quite repelling and can be used as an effective repellent to flies, especially moths, fleas and mosquitoes. If this sounds interesting for you, you may find some of them and try it out.


Known for its high effectiveness to repel mosquitoes, it is another plant you can take into consideration. It is its citronella oil, produced by the plant, which is used in citronella candles, advertised to repel mosquitoes. Indeed, it is the same thing, and it is in Lemongrass. This kind of plant, in addition, can grow up quickly to 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall within a season.


Particularly very repeling to mosquitoes, Rosemary is a nice plant many people have planted at home for the purpose. It is also a favorite herb. Basically, Rosemary can be easily planted around the patio while it can also be placed in certain areas such as under the cushions. It also is helpful to repel cats if you do not want them around your cushions. Its oil, otherwise, can leave stain. Thus, you need to be careful with it too.

Sweet Woodruff

If it is carpet beetles and moths you have the problem with, then Sweet Woodruff is the more favorable solution. The sweet woodruff has its sweet scent which is nice to us but very deterring to moths and beetles. Simply, you can plan and lay some of them under your carpets or around. It will release the smell and work out naturally as a repellent.


Often either planted into the planter or into the landscape bed, Sage is a nice repellent especially when you are outdoors enjoying your activities such as camping. A simple way to earn its repellent is tossing some of them into the fire, and it will release the scent and repellent quality to keep bugs away from you temporarily.


Tansy is another natural repellent which is most effective on flies, fleas and moths for example. Tansy has been a popular herb used in Churches, commonly, while its effectiveness as a repellent is quite helpful, and if you are more accessible to this kind of plant, it is a good idea to have a try with it.

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