Pests at home are a common problem for many families, and it is a real headache. When the issue is too heavy, of course, one will need to call the exterminators or pest control services for help. Nonetheless, in most cases, it is only a mild to medium infestation, meaning you can do something about it yourselves. While traditional solutions can be pesticides or traps, ultrasonic technology is a new method, which many have found it working amazingly for them.

First of all, what is an ultrasonic repeller? It is a simple device which is able to generate and emit high frequencies of sound waves (between 20KHz-65KHz) that pests can hear but can not stand with. It is a destructive communication sent to the pests by the device. And, because the noise is so unfriendly to them, their only choice is to leave the area. 

Normally, an ultrasonic pest repeller has its coverage capacity as well as the quality of that frequency generating. If it is effective or not depends on the right frequency level to the right pests. However, generally, it has been seen as quite fruitful since many people have been happy with the ultrasonic repeller.

Meanwhile, some people have asked, “Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work on Mice?” Mice at home are a common pest problem, and they often mess things around, giving us a lot of headache. Actually, mice are a very targeted pest by many ultrasonic pest repellers. Many ultrasonic pest repellers claim that it works great with mice, bed bugs, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and more. Any usual home pest is in the category. And, there have been studies and evidence to support the claim and effectiveness of the ultrasonic pest repellers.

On the other hand, by actual user experience, lots of people, in their reviews, who have got the repellers to deal with pests at home find it quite useful, effective, and convenient. There are also some who find it not working well to their situations as they still can see pests around. That depends on the particular ultrasonic pest repellers you have got too. Many of them are made available while the quality varies. By the way, many of them are inexpensive. If you have to try them out, it will not cost you a lot. At the same time, according to the Consumer Reports, here are the five insect repellents to avoid. You may read more for your own extra information.

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Some tips to buy a good ultrasonic pest repeller include:

  • Checking the product description carefully if it is the right one for the right pests you are looking to chase away. They generally have a list of the pests that their product is meant to deal with. It is likely to work better for your situation.
  • Finding the ones with many positive customer ratings. The more the number of the customer rating, the more positive they are, the more it is sure to work for you. That actual user experience has a lot of actual information about the effectiveness of the repeller you are reading about.
  • If you have some more time, you can go into the reviewing sections and read both the positive and negative experience people have had with the ultrasonic pest repeller you are interested in. It will give you more information to decide if it is the right one for you.

In brief, mice are among the common pests many ultrasonic pest repellers have claimed to work great for. Thus, as long as you have been careful enough with the one you buy, you are good to go and try though it is not 100% sure that it will work right away for you. It is worth noticing that it might need up to a few weeks until an ultrasonic pest repeller can show you the result.