Bats are not the kind many people like. Instead, they could cause a lot of problems, especially when they colonize in a huge number in and around the property. They will tend to gather and live in your building or attic. They may also fill your chimney while their droppings are quite odorful. Bats might start to come a few, but if you left it unchecked, they can easily turn to be colonial. And, that is a huge problem you should have prevented. Today, it will all be about how you can keep bats away. Tips and guides are to be given below.

How to Keep Bats Away

The effective prevention methods to keep bats away will depend on the actual places and situations one is having. In case of keeping bats away from a house, it is as simple as sealing all the possible holes that could let bats in. You may either use the hardening foam or caulk, and it will surely work fine for you. Sealing all any holes which are as small as ⅜ inch thick is the key to keep bats away.

There have also been suggestions about the use of the ultrasonic bat repellents. It is indeed another simple and cheap measurement you can take to deal with bats at home though not everyone agrees that the kind of ultrasonic device is effective for the jobs. A lot has been advertised and sold, and there are those who like it because it works well for them and those who do not.

In another case, people get bothered by bats around their pools. Of course, it is an open space, and the only way you can keep the bats away from the pool is to install the enclosure around the pool. That is not even close to perfect, but it is the only available solution for the case. With the case of bats on the porch, it is a similar but different case. Bats do not usually live there, and if there are some around, that is likely they have a colonial inside the building. You may check, and if it is the case, that is where you need to deal with, bat removal. 

How to Exclude Bats from Your Home In case They Exist

If they are already there, before you can put in the prevention measures, you need to properly remove or exclude them first. If it is not a serious case, you may still need helping hands from friends, family members or anyone available. If it is, you may need a professional bat removal service for help. That will cost you some, surely. And, the best time to remove bats is spring time between April and May. That is the most favorable time for bat relocation. In certain areas, killing bats is illegal and surely inhumane.

Mostly, bats really like living in the attic, and they could form their colony there. Excluding them away needs a bit of effort and time to do so. But, first of all, you would need to understand how things are first. Bats, by their nature, stay indoors during the day time and leave in the evening for food. They can squeeze themselves to get through a hole as small as a thumb. And, they like doing so as they believe their enemies can not do that while making them feel safer.

The first thing you can do is to stand away from your home, check and observe how and where bats use to leave their place for food. Upon finding their main exit hole, you need to find bat houses and place them around the area. You are giving a new home to them while leaving time, for about a week, for them to get used to the new home. After that, you need the screen mesh to cover the main exit point while using duct tape to fix the three sides of the screen mesh, leaving the fourth one open.

That is to allow bats to leave in the evening but can not get back in during the night. They will end up choosing to live in the new houses. You may leave it for a week until all bats settle down in those new homes, meaning you catch them all. After assuring this, you may cover the entrance of the bat houses and call experts for removal and relation of the bats. The jobs, by the way, are not done yet.

After they are all out, you need to get things back to order and put out the measurements to make sure no old ones can return, and no new ones have chosen the place again. Of this, you need to clean it all over thoroughly while covering all the holes that are possible for bats to get in. Nevertheless, it is important to be careful during your cleaning time. Masks and gloves are a must. Inhaling bats’ droppings can cause certain health problems, especially to elderly and children. 

The last thing is spraying bat repellent aerosol or placing mothballs in the attic area. It could be very helpful to repel bats from wanting to settle down in your attic again. It is worth noticing that if you are not sure what you are doing and do not have any experience doing the things, it may be a better idea to seek for more advice or even hire a professional bird removal service to do it for you. It costs you some money but would always be a safer way for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. There are two bats who often take a corner each on the brick wall of my porch during the night. How can I stop them from coming around? They scare me and others at home.

They are two, and they feel like home there. They could have built a colony in your building too. It is important to check around first if there are only the two or many others are already in. If that is the case, you need a serious bat removal plan or service to deal with them. If not, you can apply some bat repellents such as mothballs, aerosol sprays or even the ultrasonic bat repellent for the protection and prevention. As long as bats do not feel like home around your property, they will find another one.

2. What to do if I want to move a hibernating bat?

It is really not a recommended thing you do by yourself. It can be quite dangerous to try relocating them yourselves. If bats happen to bite you during your actions, they can transfer you infectious diseases. It is always a safer choice to call for help from a professional bat removal service.

3. How to get rid of bats nesting on the roof of my house?

There might be holes over your roof or ceiling that allow bats to come in and settle down there. You actually need a qualified person with bat repellent spray to deal with them before you can find the holes and prevent them or new ones from getting in again. If you are not sure how to do things or are with no experience at all, you may like to a licensed bat removal service instead. You will have to pay, but it is much safer for you. They do what to do and can assure you for the best results.