Especially when you need to travel to a different country, it is always a good idea to be careful with bugs and insects. The ones like mosquitoes can possibly be very dangerous. However, it is not difficult to protect yourself well. A good essential oil bug repellent can be so helpful for that. And, in this, we have got the top choices of essential oil bug repellent for your consideration. They are very good, backed by so many users’ experience. Thus, they are likely to be your good ones.

1.All Terrain Kids DEET-Free Herbal Armor Insect Repellent, Safe for Sensitive Skin, Effective Bug Spray Formula with Natural Repelling Oils, Great for Travel, Camping, & Outdoor Activities

First of all, let’s check out this ALL Terriain Insect repellent. This is a nice essential oil for kids, which is formulated to work great on sensitive skin while being so effective in dealing with bugs or insects during your travel, camping or other outdoor activities. This is also a very natural way you can take to protect yourself from those insects

Among many choices, Kids Herbal Armor is a good spray to protect your kids and the rest of the family. In the meantime, it is extremely environmentally friendly. This product is all an organic formula. Having one of these with you is going to be of a great protection from insect and bug bites.

What Is Great about this Bug Repellent

Some have been using this for years and years. They do love the bug repellent. It is all natural, and it is very effective to keep bugs and insects away. A few have stressed on this as a good mosquito repellent. They have found it working great to stay safe from mosquitoes bite.

What Isn’t Great about this Bug Repellent

Several reviews were not happy with the bug repellent, saying it was not as effective as expected. Some else feel the scent of the essential oil is unpleasant.

2.REPEL Plant-Based Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent, Pump Spray

This another best essential oil bug repellent is the REPEL lemon eucalyptus repellent. It comes with a nice, pleasant scent along with great effectiveness. And, this is a very plant-based solution to keep your family safe from insects and bugs, especially when you are on your trip or adventure. 

Particularly, this essential oil repeller works wonderful with mosquitoes, and it stays effective up to 6 hours after the application. The cool, refreshing scent leaves a lot of satisfaction to users too. In addition, it will also not grease or sticky, making you feel uncomfortable with it.

What Is Great about this Bug Repellent

Almost 6000 reviews have commented over this bug repellent. That, first of all, is a great amount of numbers of people who have tried the bug repellent. Even more, the majority of them rated this 5 stars straight. That is evident the repellent is, in many ways, effective to them. Some particularly like its lemon scent while finding it working great.

What Isn’t Great about this Bug Repellent

A few others, in contrast, do not feel this bug repellent is as useful. And, it is even more not nice to sensitive skin, few added. Another user felt bad because their one arrived damaged.

3.Sky Organics Organic Bug Spray- USDA Organic Mosquito Repellent (4oz)- All Natural with Essential Oils

Third best essential oil bug repellent is this Sky Organics bug spray. This is a natural repellent which is formulated to work effectively with insects and mosquitoes. Its organic ingredients include water, castor oil, soybean oil, citronella oil lavender oil, cedarwood oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, and lemongrass oil. These are all completely organic.

Even more, there is none of deet, chemicals or any alcohol, involving with the formula. It is very safe for everyone, all ages, and it is a good repellent to have with, especially during your travel to a different country you have no idea about the bug and mosquito situation. Lastly, this product has also been tested and proven in the lap to work great up to 4 hours after the application.

What Is Great about this Bug Repellent

Out of the non-greasy spray, lots of users find this bug repellent really works. That is their happiness is all about. A few others mentioned their like over the fact that they smell good scent out of the spray. It, lasting good, is also the plus many feel good about this repellent.

What Isn’t Great about this Bug Repellent

About 18 percent of all the review, they are not delighted with the bug repellent. Mostly among them, the only issue is they do not see it working great for them, saying it is not bug repellent.

4.Skedattle – Natural Bug Spray | Non-Toxic, Chemical-Free Insect Repellent with Lemongrass and Essential Oils

The next essential oil bug repellent is this Skedattle. It is a natural bug spray which is completely non-toxic. It is chemical free and is very safe to use. Importantly, it is proven to be so effective in terms of keeping bugs and mosquitoes away. That is great, especially when you are on your adventure. There is no problem when using this oil spray on kids or sensitive skin.

The essential oil bug repellent has been lab tested, and it results in powerful effectiveness. Basically, this repellent works great to mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. With the formula, this repellent is additionally very biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is safe for you as well as the environment. Instant refund warranty is included in case you are not 100% satisfied.

What Is Great about this Bug Repellent

Some consider this as a perfect insect repellent. They are actually surprised with how effective this repellent is. Of the over 500 reviews, the repellent gets rated 3.7 stars out of 5, which is an overall very good satisfaction indicator.

What Isn’t Great about this Bug Repellent

A few users, on the other hand, said the repellent smells great but is not that effective. Some else completely dislike the bug repellent, saying it simply does not work at all. Basically, among all review, 17% of the reviews did not feel so good about this product.

5.Amrita Bugs BeGone Synergy Essential Oil Blend – Natural Insect Repellent – Blended with Citronella, Rosemary 1.8 cineol, Sweet Lavandin, Eucalyptus Citriodora, Peppermint, Catnip – Size: 10ML

The last one in our list is the Amrita Bugs Begone Essential oil blend. This is another very natural insect repellent. It is 10ml, and the formula contains rosemary, citronella, sweet lavandin, peppermint, and more. Those have come into a nice blend, smelling extremely pleasant.

This oil spray, in addition, will work repelling-ly great with ants, mosquitoes, chiggers, fleas, and more. It will smell like a refreshing lemon scent, which is both a great fragrant as well as effective bug repelling. It is stainless and colorless, in the meantime. After applying this on, you will feel good for its nice scent as well as freedom from the bugs.

What Is Great about this Bug Repellent

Lots of reviews said with the repellent on, they are free from the bugs during their vacation, which is a great feeling they like. Some stress about its nice fragrant in addition to its very effective repelling quality.

What Isn’t Great about this Bug Repellent

A couple of users instead feel the opposite. They agree that the repellent works great but smells bad. When it comes to scent, it is like that. It really depends on individuals.

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