As people are looking for deer repellent plants, they likely want to know how to keep deers away from eating plants in the garden. They asked, “ What Can I Plant to Deter Deers?” There are indeed ultrasonic deer repellents as well as the deer repellent liquid to deceive deers to escape from the area. However, it is a good idea that before going to all those products, you might want to try the natural ways with deer repellent plants.

It works, and it might not. That is what we can tell you. It does not work in cases such as the very hungry deers. They might still jump over your high fence, going around deterring plants and still eat what they want to. In certain cases, it is war with them. Gardeners need to try again and again, changing one method after another until it is successful with the particular situation they are facing.

Taking care of a garden in the territory of deers, it is a hard job to do. But, it is not an impossible job. You can start with natural plants that are found to be repelling to deers. If it does not work, you may try other products available. It is costly but proven to work well in many cases. By the way, here is the effective deer repellent plants list you are coming here for:

  • Marigold: Marigold is a yellow flower plant which is both beautiful and repelling to deers. Of that, it is a good addition to your garden for view and guard. 
  • Rosemary: it is a very nice plant with nice fragrant. Its aroma is so pleasant that people have found many uses of it, especially within kitchens. However, to deers, this is not something fun to be around. They, on the other hand, do not like the strong fragrance of Rosemary.
  • Chives: Chives are not only a natural plant that deters deers but also very beautiful, giving lots more to your landscaping in your garden. So, this is a big plus to try Chives out.
  • Fountain Grass: this kind of grass is naturally repellent to deers. Many find it quite helpful for the purpose.
  • Caroline Jessamine: this ever-green vine has beautiful, yellow flowers and is a comfortable plant to be around by butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. Deers, nevertheless, are not in the group. 
  • Bee Balm: Bee balm is a wildflower, it is beautiful, and it is pretty attractive to butterflies and bees. It is its scent that deers do not like to be around and are likely to choose to escape from the area.
  • Lamb’s Ear: Lamb’s ear is another effective plant which its nature is quite repelling to deers.
  • Russian Sage: this plant has a strong scent of foliage. In addition to its flowers, the plant works quite well, deterring deers from eating other plants in your garden.
  • Oriental Poppy: oriental poppy has alkaloids which deters do not want to be around. Naturally, they would choose not to be around this plant. Thus, having it in your garden is a kind of protection while its bright and beautiful flowers are just as amazing. 
  • Lavender: this purple flower plant has a heavy scent. It is nice to be seen as well as smelled by people but not deers.
  • Some other deer-resistant plants you might want to try include Zinnias, Wisteria, Verbena, Daffodil, Vinca, and Alliums.

Typically, deers like to eat plants with tender leaves, which are rich in water content, minerals as well as carbohydrates. In contrast, they do not like those with strong aroma, fuzzy leaves, thick foliage, bitter taste and sharp edges. If you are more accessible to other plants which own the characteristics, they might also work well.