Quite some people are having problems with rabbits visiting their garden or home. Of course, if you want to try, you can do some research and start with the homemade rabbit repellents. Natural rabbit repellents are reported to work well in many cases. However, if you do not have enough time going around the homemade solution, you may want to consider the following solutions as the best rabbit repellents. They are proven to work really well to repel the rabbits while lots of reviews for the repellents are quite positive. People like it in many ways. To learn more, you may check out them one by one. It will not take you too long.

1.Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Ready-to-Use, 1-Gallon

The first best repellent for rabbits is this product from Liquid Fence. This particular gallon is designed to be extremely effective to use with deers and rabbits. These two kinds of animals often come around and eat the vegetation in the garden. And, the liquid is pretty repelling. You may spray it over your plants. The spray will release the scent deers and rabbits can not stand with.

The liquid repellent, in addition, is rain resistant. Though there are often rains around your area, this liquid repellent has a special formula. It starts to work immediately after spraying, and it stays through rains. The product, importantly, is harmless to plants as well as any animals. 

What Is Great about the Repellent for Rabbits

Many have been happy with this repellent for two common reasons. One is the fact that it really works. Its effectiveness is proven to be high. In addition, it comes with the spray head people find it necessary, and it functions great too.

What Isn’t Great about the Repellent for Rabbits

There have been cases as well, reported that they still can see the rabbits and deers coming into their property after the spray. To those, they feel the repellent is of no use. It is about 20 percent of all reviews until who have felt this or a similar way.

2.Fierre Shann Ultrasonic Animal Repeller with Solar Charged, IP44 Waterproof, Motion PIR Sensor and Flashing Lights for Rabbits, Raccoons, Squirrels, Cats, Dogs

The second product is this Fierre Shann Repeller. This is instead an ultrasonic rabbit repellent. It does not use any scent or visual effect to repel rabbits. It actually works on the power supply from the solar panel to emit the ultrasonic soundwave which is quite disturbing to not only rabbits but also raccoons, squirrels, cats, and dogs.

The ultrasonic repeller is so easy to install, it is waterproof, it has the sensor for motion activation, and it is very reliable to chase pests like rabbits away from your garden without harming them. If solar light is not very available in your area, it comes with the optional USB charging cable for you. 

What Is Great about the Repellent for Rabbits

To this particular ultrasonic repellent, there have not been many reviews yet. It is few, but we can see a good amount of satisfaction people have gotten from its services too. One review said the repeller works fantastic for them. It really does the repelling task well.

What Isn’t Great about the Repellent for Rabbits

There is also negative feedback, saying the repeller does not really work. They added that it doesn’t even bother the animal a bit. It might be an issue with defective units.

3.Liquid Fence 109 Ready-to-Use Deer and Rabbit Repellent 1 Gallon

Third into our list, it is another Liquid Fence Product. It comes in a gallon per container, and the rabbit repellent can get you a good protection of up to 2000 square feet. And, even easier, it comes ready to use. It requires not more. You can pour them out and spray over your plants and vegetation.

The liquid repellent is known best to repel rabbits and deer. You can rely on it as the repellent. Moreover, it has a nice formula which the effectiveness lasts long while it stays still through rain. After you spray the liquid over the plants, it will dry out quickly and become odorless to you.

What Is Great about the Repellent for Rabbits

The majority of feedback from those who have bought this repellent to test shows a lot of positive signs and satisfaction. They can see the effectiveness of disappearing rabbits from their garden. Thus, they said the repellent is dependable.

What Isn’t Great about the Repellent for Rabbits

There are as well a few concerns people have raised over this repellent. One is about the nozzle spray that stops working properly after some time. That creates inconveniences. A few others simply report the repellent deters no rabbits.

4.Natures Mace Rabbit MACE 40oz Concentrate

Next to have a check over is the Natures Mace Rabbit Mace. It is 40 oz per container, and it has an effective formula to concentrate on repelling the rabbits. It has the taste and smell senses rabbits do not want to be around. All ingredients and the way the liquid repellent are produced, it is all natural. It is pretty safe, chemical free, and 100 percent biodegradable. 

Among all the senses, you might also smell the fresh minty scent from the liquid repellent. That is the particular smell rabbits hate the most. It is not only proven to have a high effectiveness, but the repelling quality of the repellent is quite lasting. You can have a long protection after a simple spray of this repellent.

What Is Great about the Repellent for Rabbits

A lot of positive feedback is seen within customers’ review over the repellent. Many have said they are glad to have chosen the repellent to chase rabbits away from their property. It simply works great. And, people quickly see much less rabbits, coming to mess their garden again.

What Isn’t Great about the Repellent for Rabbits

Meanwhile, there are certain complaints, addressed into the review because some of the customers see no difference after spraying this rabbit repellent. To them, it is a bad choice as it does not seem to work.

5.Enviro Pro 11004 Epic Rabbit Scram Granular Repellent, 2 lb

The last best repellent for rabbits is the Enviro Pro Epic Granular. Indeed, most repellents in our list are liquid rabbit repellent. However, this last one is the granular repellent for rabbits. It is another very good choice you may want to consider. It is going to protect your flowers and vegetations in your garden very effectively.

Additionally, this granular repellent for rabbits comes ready-to-use. You do not need any other requirements besides evenly spreading the granular all over your plants and flowers. It will start to work out quickly and get you to see no more rabbits coming around. Then, you can tell how well it protects your garden.

What Is Great about the Repellent for Rabbits

Some reviews are extremely happy, saying they are glad to have found the granular repellent for rabbits. A few have even tried many products, but it did not work until they got it on with the granule. To them, this is such a worthy repellent.

What Isn’t Great about the Repellent for Rabbits

Few have reported the rabbit repellent kills their grass. Another said their dog has eaten the granular and fallen sick, seeing it as unsafe. Few other cases see the repellent does not effectively deter the rabbits. 

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