Pests are a common household problem. It has happened to lots of families. And, it is only a matter of what particular pest a family is facing. It can be as small as ants, mosquitoes, roaches, spiders to bigger one like mice. If talking about the garden, there can be even bigger or more dangerous animals like coyotes, snakes, rodents, squirrells, birds, and more. These pests have come around to live with us, but they can be extremely annoying, often messing our house.

There have been a few ways, like known, people use to get rid of these pests. However, killing them is quite inhumane to many people while old but new technology of ultrasonic waves and high frequency have been introduced. And, that appears the ultrasonic pest repeller device as another solution for the common pests at home. This kind of device is produced and sold around, claiming to chase away various kinds of pests at home. Meanwhile, some people ask, “ Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work on Spiders?” They basically want to know if the device works particularly for spiders.

Of course, let’s first of all check more into what an ultrasonic pest repeller is about. This is a very simple device, designed to be able to produce high frequency between 20 KHz to 100 KHz. Different pests have their own frequency levels, but most are found within the range. That makes an ultrasonic repeller effective, generally. What it does is to produce and release the frequency upon being plugged in. Once pests start to hear the noise of the frequency, the ultrasonic repeller starts to work.

It is not only the noise they can hear. That noise is quite unpleasant to their hearing. They tend to not be able to withstand the noise and need to move away as quickly as they can. That is a simple process the device is effectively used to chase pests away from their homes. Even more, it only disturbs those pests in that sense. It is not going to kill them by any means. When asked if an ultrasonic pest repeller works on spiders, the general answer is Yes.

Talking about actual studies and researches over the effect of an ultrasonic repeller over spiders, we could see none of them. There might not be any scientific evidence yet. What is available is the general assumptions over the ultrasonic technology as well as the similarity of the spiders to other pests which are found to not like the kind of frequency.

Spiders are among the household pests. They are common, they are within the range, and so many ultrasonic pest repellers have claimed their products are proven to work well on spiders. Meanwhile, because there are various pests but only one ultrasonic repeller, when looking for one, you should check the description of the products. Normally, there are ultrasonic repellers which focus more on a particular pest than another. 

To user experience instead, there have been lots of their feedback and review, saying simple things to support this claim. They have come to use the ultrasonic repeller for their war with their spiders at home, and they win the challenge. They can see more and more spiders start to disappear, and that makes them happy. At the same time, there are also people who find it not working well enough. They simply do not see the obvious result. 

There can be two reasons for this. One is the fact that the ultrasonic pest repeller they have got is really not working. The others is they have not been waiting enough. It could take up to a few weeks for this kind of device to start to show its effectiveness. So, before you can judge if the one you are using works or not, you may need to give it a bit of time.


By the way, though there are claims from the product manufacturers that their ultrasonic pest repellers work on spiders, actual user experience says yes and no. Most feel good because it works for them while some else do not see it working well. That is what is happening now around an ultrasonic pest repeller. If you think you want to try this, you actually can. An ultrasonic repeller is quite inexpensive. Though it might not work for you, it will not cost you a lot while the bigger chance is it works. Some sellers also offer a return policy. That is another kind of assurance you can have and look for in the ultrasonic repeller you want to buy. 

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