Cockroaches are one of the many unwanted insects at home. They often have their lives around us and with us. However, to some extent, they are quite annoying while often messing our things around. They are indeed not clean and might also transfer certain diseases for us. If cockroaches are your problem at home, you might consider choosing a light control solution such as having the ultrasonic cockroach repellers to help you. In many cases, they work well as long as you find good ones.

Nonetheless, if the problem is beyond, and such a light control solution can not deal with them, you surely need to find the professional exterminators for help. This option usually costs a lot more while it is quickly done to get you back to the safe home from none of those cockroaches. And, in case this is the solution you are looking for, we have got the top 10 best cockroach exterminators for your consideration in our following list.

1. PacificAirUSA

PacificAirUSA is among the top local cockroach exterminator services. Operated for more than 20 years in the pest control industry, PacificAirUSA has been pretty much trusted in providing great, reliable and guaranteed roach control solutions. At the very base, the company always promises 100% satisfaction. If there are certain concerns or dissatisfaction happening, money back warranty is always available for the request. PacificAirUSA, in addition, is best known for its very quick responsiveness, modern equipment as well as affordable prices.

2. Bay Pest Solution

Bay Pest Solution is another professional on Cockroach Exterminating. They have run their services for more than 35 years, and they are full of trust, experiences, and high quality satisfaction for customers. Along with their superior cockroach exterminating services, every serve is warranted with another 12 month guarantee. Of that, comprehensive documents will be prepared and given to the customers as for the findings and services to provide to make sure customers finally get the best standard control they can check out.

3. Presto Pest Control, Inc.

Presto Pest Control is the brand a lot have trusted for its pest management services including the residential and commercial practices. They are the expert not only one cockroaches but also bugs, ants, spiders, fleas, rodents, and more. Basically, the first step of the services from Presto Pest Control is the inspection which costs just around 100 and 125 US dollar. If the services are hired afterward, the amount is reimbursable. They also offer a monthly contract or a one-time service.

4. Pacific Pest Management

Having served the services for more than 25 years, Pacific Pest Management is full of experiences and expertise in the pest control industry. They can provide all pest and termite control services including ground treatments and fumigations. And, they can work against not only cockroaches but also spiders, ants, bed bugs, carpenter ants as well as rodents. You can surely trust the Pacific Pest Management for their services as so many customers have also given very positive ratings, review and feedback over this service provider.

5. Smith’s Pest Management

Smith’s Pest Management is surely among the highly rated cockroach extermination services in the USA. They cover over the whole Bay Area to Concord, to Monterey. Smith’s Pest Management is indeed the expert on any household pests including ground squirrels, gophers, moles, rodents, and voles, in addition to Cockroaches.

6. Pest No. 1

With up to 25 years of experience, Pest’s No 1 is the best pest control service in the Bay Area. They are great for both residential and commercial specialists when it comes to exterminating pests. If you are encountering either cockroach invading at your property or with other household pests, you are good to contact Pest No. 1 for consultation.

7. California Rodent Solutions

Introducing now the California Rodent Solutions. This is the cockroach exterminator you can expect a high quality work from at an affordable price. They have had a license with an additional 12 month warranty to their services provided. They are very professional, and after contacting them, they will come for the inspection, explain to you all the possibilities and logics of how and why pests are disturbing you, and the solutions that are needed to take back the control.

8. Pacific Coast Termite, Inc.

Serving mostly in Northern, California, Pacific Coast Termite is a very reliable pest exterminator you can consider. They are the experts on rodents and termites, and they are very professional for the high quality work to serve. Even more, because Covid 19 is going on, Pacific Coast Termite Solution will operate its services at a very high standard. Staff will be wearing the gloves and respirators once getting in your home to exterminate cockroaches as well as other pests for you.

9. Signature Home. 

Signature Home is with 30 years of experience, serving their pest control services including the Attic Insulation, Bed Bug Extermination, and Rodent Exclusion. They are very professional while ensuring you have high quality work. In that, best methods with integrated technology are used to ensure you for the best effectiveness, best result, and best satisfaction for customers. Health and safety are also concerns Signature Home has always taken seriously with.

10. Alpha Rodent Solutions

Apha Rodent Solutions understand customers’ needs and concerns while focusing on just those to serve the best. With their collective experience of more than 70 years, Apha Roden Solutions have all the professional experiences, expertise, and professional quality work to offer. In that, they have had the integrated system that is proven to be highly effective to provide and complete their exterminating tasks.