Some people like seeing birds getting fed while singing along around their properties, so they buy the bird feeder. Some other people instead like to see squirrels coming around and getting fed. And, for today, we are for the later. We have picked up the best squirrel feeders to review for the consideration. 

A lot of squirrel feeders can be found online. However, we are here to make things even easier because we have already found the top ones for you. A few minutes are enough you may spend reading through, and you will know which of these suits your liking the best.

1.Pennington Cedar Squirrel Snacker Feeder, 2.75 LB Capacity

Pennington Cedar Snacker Feeder is our first design for squirrels. This is a nicely made, wooden squirrel feeder. It comes with multi-functions which are great for actually both squirrels and birds. It can store up to 2.75 pounds of feeds, and it can go against any weather for long. 

The squirrel feeder is also great because it can be easily filled or cleaned while you can easily hang it wherever you feel right. The hardware is included, in addition. Its overall design and quality are just amazing while you will see squirrels getting very attracted to it.

What Is Great about this Squirrel Feeder

Working great, holding the feeds up well, and easily adjustable are the main reasons lots of people have been terribly happy with this squirrel feeder. They like its design, and they like it even more after installing it.

What Isn’t Great about this Squirrel Feeder

Very few find it less favorable. It has been just about 6 percent out of more than a thousand reviews by now. It seems to be the defective and minor design flaws that upset them a bit.

2.Nature’s Hangout Squirrel Feeder for Outside – Environmentally Friendly Wood Squirrel Feeders for Outdoors That Hold Food, Nuts and Seeds – Squirrel Feeder Hangs Outdoors On Trees Fences Posts


The next design is this Nature’s Hangout Squirrel Feeder. It is a beautiful wooden construction, and it can hold nuts and seeds well waiting for squirrels to come and enjoy their time. If you are looking for such a feeder, this is really a good one to withstand any weather perfectly well. 

That thanks to the paulownia wood which is selected. It is so disease and warp resistant while staying great under a very high temperature. Squirrels will be so attracted to this while enjoying the feeds. They then are less likely to bother your garden while you can get a little bit closer to nature’s view, this particular one.

What Is Great about this Squirrel Feeder

For many who have bought this squirrel feeder, they are delighted to see squirrels having a lot of fun eating their feed. They also agree that the squirrel feeder is well-made, nice looking, and very durable to hang outside.

What Isn’t Great about this Squirrel Feeder

A few have asked for more room to hold the foods. Filling food over the storage is a bit challenging, some have added. Other than these, they like the squirrel feeder a lot.

3.Solution4Patio White Bench Chair Chipmunk & Squirrel Feeder, Pine Wood, 2 Corn Cob Holders, Peanut or Acorn Loader Mesh Bottom, 13 in. L x 5.1 in. W x 8.3 in. H, Funny Gift & Deco, B103A02

Up next to review is the Solution4Patio. This is another best squirrel feeder you can check. It is designed as a white bench chair with feeds waiting to serve squirrels and chipmunks. The bench is well constructed with the dimension of 13 x 5.1 x 8.3 inches. It is quite welcoming to the animals.

Just like you can see in the picture, the design of this squirrel feeder can hold up to two corns within its two long nails, which is a yummy treat for them. The feeder, in addition, is easy to fill and clean. It is likewise a piece of cake to install anywhere around your property. Other than this, it comes with the three year warranty in place to ensure the service for you.

What Is Great about this Squirrel Feeder

Of this particular squirrel feeder, there has not been any feedback or review yet. We will keep this section updated once it is available. 

What Isn’t Great about this Squirrel Feeder

As soon as we can find some comments and complaints about the product, we will brief them here.

4.MIXXIDEA Wooden Squirrel Feeder Box, Squirrel Feeding House with Green Cover, Easy to Fill, Durable with Solid Structure, Easy to Clean with Removable Front panel, Squirrel Feeders for Outside, Garden

Before last, let’s check out this MIXXIDEA wooden squirrel feeder box. Coming with the removable front panel, this squirrel feeder is quite inviting to squirrels for their snacks. The box is not only nice to squirrels but also quite decorative to the garden. That brings a little bit more of cuteness to your garden view.

There are no worries about the quality of the wooden feeder construction. It has been really well made by the solid wood while you will find it extremely convenient to install and instantly fill the box by opening its big cover. Upon the delivery, it will take you just around 10 minutes to set this one up.

What Is Great about this Squirrel Feeder

People see little squirrels coming around and enjoying their food a lot after they have installed this squirrel feeder and fill it with some food. Generally, people are quite happy with the design, the quality construction, and the convenience they have got from the squirrel feeder.

What Isn’t Great about this Squirrel Feeder

There are also those who do not feel as good. Some said just keep shopping. This one really disappoints them a bit. One other feels the design is quite flimsy that it falls apart within two days, in their case.

5.Woodlink Squirrel Diner Feeder Model 75590

The Last best squirrel feeder is the woodlink squirrel dinner feeder design. It is another beautiful design to let squirrels come and enjoy their treat. This feeder is actually a steel construction which has been powder coated in green. It is quite resistant to squirrel chewing. The feeder, additionally, can hold about 4 lbs of either peanut, corn, and other treats.

As for the installation, it will come with the mounting hardware you need to hang it to a tree, deck or even a deck. It will not take much of your time for the installation while it is nothing challenging about that. Mostly, the squirrel feeder comes assembled for you.

What Is Great about this Squirrel Feeder

It is fun, watching squirrels coming around and enjoying their food with the Diner Feeder. And people just like this metal squirrel feeder a lot, as a result. They also agree with one another that it is well-made while extremely durable. It is good to go long outdoors.

What Isn’t Great about this Squirrel Feeder

A few have noticed that squirrels find it quite challenging to open the lid of this squirrel feeder. They feel like it could have been better without the difficulty.