Finding crickets quite annoying around your property? Of course, you can find some solutions for that. We are going to recommend easy but effective ones for you. Throughout our reviews over many cricket repellents, we have found many but managed to short them out to just this list of the top 5 best cricket repellents for your consideration. 

These are among the best ones, and we have seen lots of encouraging positive feedback from users, saying they worked great for them. That gives extra confidence to list them down here for your check. By the way, if you could, please find a way to deal with them without having to kill them. They are just lives like us, wanting to live.

1.Catchmaster Cricket XL, Largest Cricket Trap Available – 6 Glue Traps

The first solution you can take to deal with the crickets at home is this Catchmaster Cricket Trap. It is a glue trap you can take to catch crickets, reducing its number from annoying you at home. This Cricket Glue Trap has a very versatile design, and it works on not only crickets but also spiders, scorpions and any other crawling insects.

Over the glue trap, there are not any poison or harmful chemicals. It thus is 100 percent safe to use. In addition, it has a very good formula to last extremely long. It surely is going to outlast the pests and will catch them well and effectively for you. Within the order of this, there are 6 traps.

What Is Great about this Cricket Repellent

People find this cricket glue trap pretty sticky and thus effective for the catch. It seems the majority of the reviews have been really satisfied with the services of this cricket glue trap. Among over 802 so far, it has been rated 4.3 stars out of 5.

What Isn’t Great about this Cricket Repellent

One concern some have reported is the fact that there are crickets pictures on the trap, and it insteads attracts birds, which later stuck on the glue.

2.Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Plug in Indoor Pest Repellent, Pest Control for Home, Office, Warehouse, Hotel

Second best cricket repellent to check out is this Neatmaster Repeller. It is an ultrasonic pest repeller that works great to insects like crickets. This indoor repeller has a powerful ultrasonic technology to release the frequency that will annoy and as a result chase crickets away from your property.

Literally, there are three options or functions on this repeller you can choose to use. They are the bionic wave, the electromagnetic wave and ultrasonic wave which owns such the frequency those pests do not like. Even better, this repeller for crickets has such a large coverage, which will work incredibly well to cover your property and protect it from unwanted pests like crickets.

What Is Great about this Cricket Repellent

So many people have felt this cricket repellent as their favorite one. Some have used it at home while some others said it was installed in their garages. The common thing is it works extremely well for them. Such satisfaction gets the majority of the reviews, so far, gave this repeller a very good rating.

What Isn’t Great about this Cricket Repellent

Some 12 percent among all the reviews do not instead seem to be happy with the cricket repellent. They feel disappointed as they could not see it effective enough for them to deal with their annoying pests at home.

3.Harris Cricket Glue Traps

Third to also consider is the Harris Cricket Glue Traps. It is another option or another solution you can take to deal with crickets and other crawling pests at home. This glue trap is extremely effective, having very sticky glue. It is pesticide free, meaning no harsh chemicals are used. That makes it extremely safe.

Other than this, the traps are so easy to use. One can simply fold it, insert it to the tab, and it is there to work. The glue is additionally quite versatile as it can be used at home or at your commercial shop. Within the package of this, there are two large traps you will find. 

What Is Great about this Cricket Repellent

After leaving the glue trap to work, it yields out and catches many pests. The obvious results have got a lot of reviews to be on the side of this cricket glue trap. They are so delighted with the result and with their purchase of this product.

What Isn’t Great about this Cricket Repellent

Some have seen pests including crickets walking freely over the glue trap, making them believe the trap is not working. They are disappoint then and rate the item as not so satisfied. It has been about 10 percent of all who are feeling this way or similar.

4.Ortho 0220910 Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 

Next to review for your check is the Ortho Home Defence Insect Killer. It is an indoor cricket repellent you might also want to try. It is claimed to work great while the lasting effect is up to 12 months per application. The Ortho Home Defence has a special formula that works against crickets as well as other insects like ants, spiders, roaches, and more.

The insect killer, in addition, will leave no stain over your furniture or walls while it is odor free and will dry very fast after the application. You can spray where you feel the insects have invaded, and it has the comfort wand and smart one touch spray for your easy spray/application.

What Is Great about this Cricket Repellent

The Home Defence brand is indeed a proven solution. Up to more than 11 000 reviews have been made, which means more than the number of people have tried this. Even better, the majority of them find the spray working amazingly well for them to deal with insects at home, such as the crickets.

What Isn’t Great about this Cricket Repellent

About 10 percent among all, they are not as happy. Some report about the faulty of the spray while some others do not feel the formula works well for them to get rid of the insects.

5.All-N-One Bug Defense Natural Spray by Exterminator’s Choice for Roaches Ants Silver Fish Crickets|Spiders|Beetles|Fleas and ticks|Insect Repellents and Insect Killer Spray

The very last best cricket repellent is this All-N-One Bug Defense Spray. This spray is indeed the exterminator’s choice when it comes to repelling crickets, roaches, spiders, and more. This spray has been claimed to work well to all the crawling bugs and biting house insects.

At the same time that the spray is safe to use with all natural ingredients, it is available in a spray bottle which can be easily applied to your bathroom or anywhere around your property. It will start to work immediately while the effect is staying still for a long period of time.

What Is Great about this Cricket Repellent

There have been around 200 reviews so far over this cricket repellent spray, and so many have given the 5 star rating to the product, saying it yields excellent results for them. That also leaves many of them very happy.

What Isn’t Great about this Cricket Repellent

There have also been some concerns and disappointment. About 10 percent among all, they report the spray did not work as expected in their cases. They are a bit upset, seeing it as a waste of money.