In some regions, snakes visiting home is quite a causal thing but very frightening and dangerous. Anyone who is living in the area needs proper protection of their home and family from snakes. Indeed, the solution can be as simple as finding yourself the best snake repellent to keep them away while having experts’ contact around should you need to call them immediately.

However, if you have got the right snake repellent, it is unlikely you will need them though having some around is useful, still. And, our main focus of our review today is to find you a list of highly recommended and best snake repellent products you can rely on. Through our study and research, these 5 ones are to be recommended. You may spend a few minutes checking them out if you think you need some.

1.Senca Solar Sonic Snake Repellent, Ultrasonic Snake Repeller, 6 Pack

Senca Solar ultrasonic repellent is the first best snake repellent to review. This comes in a pack of 6, and  they are all solar powered to emit the right frequency or soundwaves to chase snakes away from your home. It usually takes 3 to 4 hours for each charge, and it works through to 7 days under any weather condition. It is cost saving while maintenance free. The installation is meanwhile easy.

Talking about its effectiveness, the snake repellent is quite repelling. It sends out vibration every 30 seconds, and that vibration is going to be so destructive to snakes, moles, rodents, and raccoons, for example. So, as soon as they get contact with the vibration, they are likely to run away from the area. And, this pack of 6 repellents can cover up to 7500 square feet of your area. It is going to cover your whole home well and effectively. 

What Is Great about this Snake Repellent

There are various snake repellent solutions. However, some people like this cruel-free ultrasonic technology to chase them away. And, because this has proven to work well, so many of its buyers are happy and satisfied with its services. Another reason people mentioned is the fact that it works on various animals which they like being around their home.

What Isn’t Great about this Snake Repellent

There are, at same time, reviewers who feel negative about the repellent. A couple feel the quality of the repellent needs improvement while a few others think the vibration from the repellent affects their pets while the neighbor complained about hearing it.

2.Dr. T’s 4-Pound Nature Products Snake Repelling Granules

Second option as also the best snake repellent is this repelling granules. This is a pack of EPA registered granules which are found to really repel snakes, poisonous ones or not. It is quite effective and very environmentally friendly. This natural repelling method is pretty popular while it is safe to use. The granules would just release its disruptive smell that snakes do not want to be around.

The success rate given is 91 percent, and this pack of 4 lbs granules will do good to an area of 5 acre while the lasting protection is between 2 and 3 months. In case you want to cover a bigger area, you might need more packs and it will work fine for you. The application, in addition, is easy. You may just need to put on the gloves and apply the granules in a band to the perimeter of the area you want protected. Likewise, this is not to be used indoors.

What Is Great about this Snake Repellent

From many who are delighted with the snake repellent, they found it extremely useful. It really works though temporarily, they said. The smell of the granules is said to be so powerful that snakes do not want to mess around. However, few recommend that one should buy enough to cover the area to be protected.

What Isn’t Great about this Snake Repellent

A few, in contrast, still could see snakes coming around after the application of these granules. So, they do not think this works well. They said it is either the granules lose its effectiveness too soon or it never works at all.

3.Safer Brand 5951 Shield Snake Repellent Granular – 4 LB

Next to have a look at is the Safer Brand Shield Snake Repellent. It is another granular product which is proven to repel snakes effectively. The formula is found to work while the protection is long lasting. This back of 4 lbs granules is said to be a very safe solution to chase snakes away, and it will not by any means affect pets or family around when used as directed. 

And, it is claimed to work immediately after you apply this to the area you want to be protected. The gandules simply repelling smell snakes do not want to be around. That is how these granules get the snakes to flee the area and keep it free for you. It is also a very friendly way to do it as it will not harm snakes by any way.

What Is Great about this Snake Repellent

Lots of people happily came back to review the repellent. They said the granules are quite reliable. It works out well, and they see no more snakes around the area. One review said there are often two snakes coming to their home every day. But after the application of these gandules, they saw no more of them.

What Isn’t Great about this Snake Repellent

Nonetheless, a couple of the reviews mentioned the fact that this requires reapplication often. It works but loses its effectiveness quickly too. Few others feel bad when rains rinse them off and re-application needs to be done after that.

4.Ortho Snake-B-Gon Snake Repellent Granules, 2-Pack

Fourth one is the Ortho Snake-B-Gon Granules. This is a pack of two cans, and it will help you free your home from snakes. The granules are so smelly in a way that snakes do like being around. So, they would not choose to enter, nest or forage in your area. At the same time, it is very safe to use for people, pets and even plants as long as you follow the directed instruction.

While this repellent granules work fine, its protection is lasting in addition to its rain resistance. Though there are rains often in your area, you would not need re-application often. The formula of the granules is just amazing. And, a pack of these granules weighs 4.95 pounds. Two of them should get you a lot to cover a big area.

What Is Great about this Snake Repellent

So many people have tried out this repellent granules, and it is a happy bet. The majority of them found it working great for the purpose. They see no more of snakes around their front and back yard. Another one said this repellent works great for their last year, and they are buying another 4 now.

What Isn’t Great about this Snake Repellent

There are at least 17% of all the reviews, in contrast, who do not feel the repellent working well for them. They smell little from the granules while seeing snakes coming around still, especially the black snacks. 

5.Snake Repellent-5lb Shaker Granular by: Nature’s MACE

The fifth and last repellent is this shaker granular. It is a product of Nature’s MACE, and it comes 5 lbs per pack. The granules are said to have a formula and technology that truly repels snakes while being extremely safe to use. It is for outdoor uses and best to gardens, landscaped areas and lawns. 

With the right application of this granules as directed, it is guaranteed that there will not be stray snakes coming around, in addition. This repellent, as an irritant and deterring repellent, will not harm snakes. It is only meant to keep them away from the area of your home.

What Is Great about this Snake Repellent

One reviewer gave this the five star rating, saying they see no more of the copperhead snakes around their yard after the application of this repellent. That means it works, he added. Many others also saw the fruitful result and said that seems to be working great. They are happy for that, though.

What Isn’t Great about this Snake Repellent

While a couple of buyers got their snake repellent of this in an unacceptable way, opening lib, some few others do not see any good rappelling after their application. So, they said it is a waste of money, buying this. About 15% of consumer review is in this category of feedback.

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