Bats do not look good to many people, and they do not like them living with them. However, in some cases, bats have been roosting in the attic or other places in a home before the owner has realized. Once spotted, one knows there needs relocation. Meanwhile, it is worth noticing that killing bats is not the answer. It might be very dangerous to do so while it is illegal in certain states.

In fact, bats are very beneficial to the local ecosystem. They eat insects and balance their numbers. To humans, if they are around, they can reduce the number of mosquitoes and other pests for them really well. That is why other than bat poison to kill them when found, many instead build or buy homes for them far aside from their home. That is when the bat spray attractant is required to get them to their new homes. And, you have the list down here to check out.

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1.Bat House Attractant Scent Spray – Research-Based Pheromone (No Guano ) for Outside Bats Houses, Outdoors Box Pole, Poles, Large, Small Belfry, 1 2 3 Chamber, Telescoping Boxes Kit, Kits, Attract Bait

The first best bat spray attractant is this hello, bats bottle. It is a field-tested bat box attractant. It has the scent that is so favorable to bats, and with some drops in the bat houses, it will attract them there well. That is really a good trick to drive bats away from your home safely and humanely.

As the quality effectiveness is proven by its research-based pheromone formula, the bat spray has had all the satisfaction guarantee for buyers too. Refunds can be claimed any time within the first 60 days after the purchase in case there is a concern or suspicion that the drops do not work.

What Is Great about this Bat Spray Attractant

A lot of people have felt satisfied with this bat juice, which is said to work really well for the purpose. They have sprayed some into their bat houses, and they can quickly see bats coming around after some time.

What Isn’t Great about this Bat Spray Attractant

Some have waited for a while and see no bats coming around to habitat in the houses they prepare for them. They are disappointed and come back to rate this as not very positive.

2.Uncle Dunkels Bat Nip’, Bat House Attractant, Lure, Scent

Uncle Dunkels Bat Nip is another bat house attractant you can check out. It has a pleasant scent to bats to lure them to habitat in the houses you set up for them. In case you want some bats to be around to deal with the numbers of insects around your property, the attractant is a good product you need.

This bat house attractant involves none of the ammonia and guano, which can be dangerous. It uses only the pheromones and the presente of the odors to naturally attract bats species to the houses and roost there. The spray is guaranteed for effectiveness. In that, there is the assurance for the 60 day money back warranty there.

What Is Great about this Bat Spray Attractant

Some said the spray is easy to use while many of them find it working effectively well. So far, the overall rating range of the spray is 3.7 stars out of 5. It has been fairly good in terms of actual users’ satisfaction.

What Isn’t Great about this Bat Spray Attractant

Few have been upset as it takes months to try, and they still see no bats coming to the habitat. Some others are still in doubt as they have just tried but seen no result yet.

3.Bat Attractant

Next best bat spray attractant is this natural formula product of Big Bat Box. It is claimed to be 100 percent natural while very simple to use. Meanwhile, it has been proven to work really effectively to increase chances that bats will come and habitat in the houses, prepared for them.

As the product is placed for sale with confidence, it comes with the money back warranty to make sure you feel the trust and confidence over the product too. You can consider giving this bottle a try. So many people to dates have been satisfied and happy with the way it serves them.

What Is Great about this Bat Spray Attractant

Until now, there have been 119 reviews made to this attractant. While it gets an overall rating of 3.7 stars over 7, about half gave it the 5 star satisfaction, saying they are delighted that the attractant has really brought bats to the houses for them.

What Isn’t Great about this Bat Spray Attractant

Other than that, there have been about 20 percent of all who do not share the same thought. Some of them are even upset that the effectiveness they have seen is way little than their expectation.

4.Holley BAT Attraction Scent Best on Market. Attract Bats.for Outside use.BAT House,100% Pure.Scent for Bats.Spray BAT Scent for Your BAT House.1&3/4 Fluid OZ. by.M Plus one on one Help by Phone.

Holley Bat Attraction is our next recommendation. This bat spray attractant is said to be 100 percent pure, having the scent that is extremely attractive to bats. Its bottle is 1 ¾ oz, and it is custom made according to the area you are in after you place the order. The spray has a very unique formula which bats like its scent and are likely to come around after some time of use.

What Is Great about this Bat Spray Attractant

Very few so far have made their reviews over this attractant. Some of them are very positive with the spray, finding it working fine for them. 

What Isn’t Great about this Bat Spray Attractant

Some others do not really feel the trust out of this attractant as it is not nicely backpacked while they feel it is not a proper product to be sold for the public.

5.Holley Very Best Attract Scent for Bats. Attract Bats.BAT House,100 Percent Pure bat Scent. Best Lure to Attract Bats to Your Bat House. Same Workday Shipping. Plus one on one Help via Phone

The very last best bat spray attractant for the list is this Holley Very Scent for Bats. It is said to have an effective formula, producing the scent that is attractive to bats. By spraying this over the bat house, it is claimed to really work attracting bats to come and roost in the houses or boxes you prepare for them. It works too to bat nesting boxes, in addition.

What Is Great about this Bat Spray Attractant

Compared to the rest in the list, this spray attractant for bats have had quite a lot of reviews, and many of them are positive. They see good results after some time after they have applied the spray to the bat boxes or houses they have prepared.

What Isn’t Great about this Bat Spray Attractant

Some, in contrast, are still waiting. They are undecided if this spray really works for them. Few meanwhile feel upset with the fact that the bottle coming to them is leaking and sticky.