Slugs could be around bothering your garden and plants. If you feel annoyed with them and want to repel them away, you have come right. We have got a list of the top best slug repellent reviews for your check today. Some of them are even slug killers. By the way, slugs are just like us. They are lives who want to live. If you can find an alternative way to not kill them, please. By just repelling them away is enough. Both can be happy. And, coming back, here are the slug repellents you can check out. It might just take you a few minutes to go through them below.

1.Ortho 474510 Bug-Geta Snail & Slug Killer 2, 2 Lb, Brown/A

Ortho Beu-Geta Snail and slug killer is our first recommendation. It is claimed to kill snails and slugs effectively and fast while it has three options available, the one at 2 lbs, 3.5 lbs, and 6 lbs. The liquid killer is even more favorable as it is waterproof, meaning it will work still though after raining and sprinkling. In addition, its effectiveness will last up to three weeks per application.

The product is also very safe to be used around wildlife and pets while it is so convenient and easy to apply. It has its total formula that requires no more mixing with any other things. The product, meanwhile, is best for uses around fruit trees, vegetables, citrus, ornamentals, flowers, and all in your greenhouses or gardens.

What Is Great about the Slug Repellent

Among over 2100 reviews, the majority 71% gave this slug repellent the 5 star rating. They are so overwhelmingly happy with the product. They feel it is a good deal while it works incredibly well. It is a no-more-slug smile, and that makes this slug killer a top choice.

What Isn’t Great about the Slug Repellent

About 5 percent only who do not seem to like the slug killer. Many of them simply do not feel the product works enough as expectations. A few have said the new version has the formula changed, and that may be why it is no longer effective.

2.Bonide Chemical 903 037321009030 Number-1 Slug Magic Pellets, 1 lb

The second best slug repellent is this Bonide Chemical Slug Magic Pellets. It is another real deal as the snail and slug control solution. This Slug Magic has a strong, effective formula that even goes through all weather working incredibly well for the purposes. It will simply get rid of slugs and snails from your gardens.

Coming in a form of granular, the application is extremely easy while it will be naturally processed to be a part of the soil. That is instantly how it will start to work out. The slug magic is both bait and killer. It will surely attract them away from their hidden places and disappear them effectively. Per pack of this, it is good to go for 1000 square feet. 

What Is Great about the Slug Repellent

Not as many have made the review over this slug killer. And to the ones available, this can be a fairly good one you can have a try. The like side is the fact that people find it working well while it is an organic formula, which is pretty safe to use. To them, this is a winning product.

What Isn’t Great about the Slug Repellent

There are, at the same time, negative ones. From their review, the fact that they are not so happy is simply because they do not think the product has worked well for them. 

3.Slugs and Snail Repellent Spray by SNAILEX | 250 ml | Ultimate Guard against for garden and terrace | Made with essential ingredients such as castor oil | Alternative to ultrasonic pest killers

This third best slug repellent is SNAILEX. It works both against snails and slugs, and it comes in a spray form. The repellent is going to be extremely effective guarding your garden and terrace. It is made with ingredients like castor oil, making its effectiveness very reliable. It is also a really good alternative to repel slugs without killing them.

The spray could be applied daily while it is so convenient to do so. It will help to maintain the plant’s health and at the same time protect it from the invasion of snails and slugs. This SnailEx Spray is claimed to be totally organic and non-staining. It is going to be a safe and eco friendly one. 

What Is Great about the Slug Repellent

The overall rating of this slug repellent is 3.4 over 5 stars by this moment of time. That tells itself how well people like the product. It looks to me that it is 50 – 50 how people feel about this slug repellent. Some can see fewer slugs in their garden, and they feel good for it.

What Isn’t Great about the Slug Repellent

Some many others do not think so because they do not feel the slug repellent spray works well enough for the job. As a result, most of the ratings from reviewers are three stars.

4.Corry’s Slug & Snail Killer, 3.5 lb

Coming up now, it is Corry’s Slug and snail killer. This comes in a 3.5 lbs box, and it is one of the best slug repellents we are confident to work great for you. It has a special formula to attract as well as kills slugs and snails effectively. It can be used on ornamentals, turf, fruit, and vegetables.

It is pretty and has no problem if even to be applied around edibles. So, there are no worries for pets and people around after your application, wherever. The formula is also great for the reason that it will still work fine though after the rain. It is made to be waterproof to continue working well for slug protection.

What Is Great about the Slug Repellent

All through the reviews show quite a good feedback for this slug repellent. The majority agrees with one another that the slug killer really works out great. Some said they have applied this slug killer and then start to quickly see much less damage done by slugs.

What Isn’t Great about the Slug Repellent

Very few, about 5 percent, feel a different way. They tried this same slug killer out, and the result is unsatisfied. Some added that the product does not work on both snails and slugs.

5.Monterey LG6500 Sluggo Wildlife and Pet Safe Slug Killer, 2.5 lb

Last one is the Monterey Sluggo killer. This product is 2.5 lbs, and it is made as the real solution to slug control around your garden. Of course, it works incredible well against snails too. It is simply formulated to be a bait and poison at the same time. While it works effectively well as proven, it is pet and wildlife safe. 

Its formula contains iron phosphate and it will go well becoming a part of the soil. As it is in granular formula, the application is likewise convenient to be applied around your garden. And though after rains or your sprinkling, the granular slug repellent will still work well, guardian and protecting your garden and vegetations.

What Is Great about the Slug Repellent

Overall among more than 2.2K reviews, it has been a very positive feedback. Lots of people who have bought this slug repellent find it an interesting, effective one. Most of them are pretty delighted with the fact that it really solves the slug problems in their garden for them.

What Isn’t Great about the Slug Repellent

Only just 4 percent (by now) do not seem to be satisfied with this slug repellent. Commonly, they are the minority who the slug repellent did not work well enough for them.