Some homes often get disturbed by pigeons, especially their poops. If that really happens to you, you need to deal with it, and the solution can be quite simple as getting yourselves some best pigeon deterrents to try out. That is probably what you are looking for here, actually. Indeed, this writing aims to give you some good suggestions for the best pigeon deterrents you might want to have a look at. These ones have been good ones so far to many people who like pigeons away from their properties. Even better, none of these pigeon deterrent is inhumane and can be harmful to them. 

1.De-Bird Scare Tape – Reflective Tape Outdoor to Keep Away Pigeon, Grackles, and More. Stops Damage, Roosting, and Mess

The first you can see is the De-Bird Scare Tape. This is a kind of reflective tape, designed for outdoor use, and it is good to repel birds like pigeon, woodpeckers, and crackles. The tape itself is made at a high quality as the holographic pest control. It is extra thick and very weather resistant. Importantly, it is proven to really work, deterring unwanted birds around home.

The bird deterrent take, on the other hand, is quite easy to use. It could be cut strips to tie down to anywhere outdoor around your home, where you do not want those birds to be around. The holographic image on the tape will scare those away, and you will feel relaxed with the mess and damage those birds might cause. As to ensure you more from the seller, it is offered with a 12-month money back warranty.

What Is Great about the Pigeon Deterrent

Lots of buyers similarly said the tape really scares birds away. It works unbelievably well, and pigeon problems solve. As a result of these, they are extremely happy for both that the tap is a good buy and they no longer have to be annoyed by the birds.

What Isn’t Great about the Pigeon Deterrent

Among all, about 15 percent of the reviews, they find the pigeon deterrent tape is somehow not effective enough for their particular cases. For some else, the fact that it does not work is not because of the tap but their local windy weather, and the tape then could not last more than two weeks, they added.

2.Bird B Gone RFLT-1 Reflect-a-Bird Deterrent

The second best pigeon deterrent is this Bird B Gone Reflect-a-Bird Deterrent. Just like what you can see in the picture, this deterrent uses more of the reflection strategy to scare pigeons and other birds away. It works silently, and it is absolutely humane. It harms no one, in other words.

It is wind, sunlight and flashes from the reflection that do the job, and it is good to go on buildings, boats, and your agricultural settings you may have. To the materials, it is high quality aluminum and plastic, and they are quite durable for outdoor installation. And, lastly, you may install it to any direction you like as its angle is 90 degree.

What Is Great about the Pigeon Deterrent

By this point of time, there have been 166 reviews made, and 50 percent of all rated the deterrent 5 stars while the 50 others goes between 1 and 4 stars. Considering the percentage, we can tell the pigeon deterrent is worth trying if you feel good about its scaring method.

What Isn’t Great about the Pigeon Deterrent

For the minority of people who do not seem to like the deterrent, some find it heavy top while quite a few see it as ineffective to scare birds away from their property. That is the reason why they might have felt it is not worth their money spent as the deterrent costs a big buck too.

3.12 Pieces Bird Repellent Reflective Scare Rods Birds Deterrent Hanging Devices with 4 Pieces Bird Repellent Pinwheels Effective Reflection Silver Spinner Animal Bird Deterrent to Keep Birds Away

Coming third, this is also a scaring rode deterrents which you can hang around your house to scare and repel pigeons and other birds away. There are 12 pieces of these reflective rods in the pack, and it is good to be hung on different corners of your property, and you will see if it works or not. 

By the way, the reflective scare rods have been found to work really well in most cases while it is convenient and easy to install. That makes it a very likable solution when it comes to deterring pigeons away. The spinning rods, in addition, are made from high quality materials such as plastic and vinyl. That, thus, is going to last long. It is a really nice garden helper while it will not hurt birds by any means.

What Is Great about the Pigeon Deterrent

If we look into the customer feedback for now, it is not yet a lot. To the available ones, there are people who like and find the pigeon spinning rods quite effective. Usually, they hang these in their gardens to protect their strawberries, for example. And it works great for their cases.

What Isn’t Great about the Pigeon Deterrent

To a few others, in contrast, they said the spinning rods look nice but not as effective to deter birds away from the fence. They rather expect it to do much better. Therefore to them, this is worth only 2 or 3 star rating.

4.Bird-X BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller Version 1 for Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows, & Gulls

If you instead feel like the electronic bird repeller more, then you are good to check out this Bird-X BirdXPeller. It is a nice device with smart technology to do the tasks. It is proven to work well especially for pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and gulls. The power requirement for the bird repellent to work, in addition, is 11-v or 12vDC. 

What this repeller does is simply emitting the bird sounds, which sounds like the calls of the predators. That scares birds to come around the area. It is then effective to keep them away. Nonetheless, it is safe and humane for how it works. One of the devices will cover a good 1 acre for you well while the sound pressure can be customized between 105 and 110 db.

What Is Great about the Pigeon Deterrent

Many users have given this a very good feedback. They said they are definitely pleased with the product, finding it working great for them. One particular case is about a garden owner who has about 25 bushes of their berries. After installing the electronic bird repeller to work, those birds left.

What Isn’t Great about the Pigeon Deterrent

In certain cases, the device is found ineffective. Some hear its loud sound but do not see it working well. One review even gave a picture of birds nesting just beside the repeller. That shows them the device does not at all work. There is about 30 percent of all the feedback in the category.

5.Bird Spikes for Pigeons Small Birds,Stainless Steel Bird Spikes -No More Bird Nests & Poop

Another solution as the pigeon deterrent is the bird spikes. These are stainless steel bird spikes, and they are good to deter small birds away. For those who often get messed with bird nests and poop, the spikes are a good means they can try out. What the spikes do is simply to not allow the birds to land on your area. It gives them a challenging life, living around your property.

That is how they would choose to find another place. In the meantime, the spikes are easy to set up and assemble. They are stainless steel construction and very weather resistant. There is no worries about durability, thus. Even more, the effectiveness is instant, and everyone knows that while it will not hurt the birds. 

What Is Great about the Pigeon Deterrent

There are not as many reviews and feedback yet, but we still can see many positive ones. Other than birds, some use the spikes to prevent bears from climbing their fences, and it does help. Easy installation and high quality make of the spikes are also something people are favorable about.

What Isn’t Great about the Pigeon Deterrent

A couple of reviews have received their spikes, and they feel it is flimsy and too soft. They even see some rodents walking over it safely and without fear.