To keep your drawers and closets clean and pleasant, you need some moth repellents to help, and it is likely you are reading this for. Indeed, there are plenty of moth repellents available online, and they are so affordable. The thing is the overwhelming choices give you no clue which one to select. And, to our review and research, we have got this top list of the best moth repellent for your consideration. These ones are not only effective to repel moths, but also very pleasant for its added scents.

1.Lavender Sachet and Cedar Bags – Moth Repellent Sachets (20 Pack) Home Fragrance for Drawers and Closets. Natural Clothes Moths Repellent Dried Lavendar Flowers and Cedar Chips with Long-Lasting Aroma

The first choice of the list is the Lavender Sachet and Cedar Bags. This has become a very popular moth repellent sachet you can find. It comes in 20 packs per order, and it has a nice home fragrance for closets and drawers. Among the 20 packs, 10 are dried lavender flowers and the other 10 are high quality cedar chips.

These sachets are all natural ones, extremely safe to use, comfortable to smell around, and eco-friendly for the whole family. In the meantime, the lasting effect of the sachets is quite long lasting for both the smell and repelling quality. With the sachets, you can be assured your clothes are protected with confidence.

What Is Great about the Moth Repellent

A lot of people have used the moth repellent and felt it is the best anti-bug sachets they have got. Many of them said the sachets are fully what they expect. Meanwhile, some others like so much about the intoxicating scent of the sachets.

What Isn’t Great about the Moth Repellent

Meanwhile, some users have said they barely smell a scent out of the sachets. And, that is a common reason about 15 percent of all the reviews by now rated the moth repellent as less satisfied.

2.French Lavender Sachets for Drawers and Closets Fresh Scents, Home Fragrance Sachet, Pack of 16, Purple

Second best moth repellent to have a look is the French Lavender Sachets. This is another big package for drawers and closets. They come in a nice packaging, fresh scents, and home fragrance. Altogether, there are 16 packs per this order, and they are all 100 percent lavender.

It has a strong smell from its dried natural flower buds while having been hand-filled and crafted in a nice looking pack. In case you want even a stronger scent, you can crush the leaves a little bit with your fingers, and you will smell that aromatic fragrance of the lavender. The sachets are excellent for closets, suitcase, pillow, gym bags, and more.

What Is Great about the Moth Repellent

A lot of people have been satisfied with the scent of the sachets and even more find it working great as the moth repellent. They are happy with their order of this moth repellent, and the majority has, as a result, rated the sachets very recommended.

What Isn’t Great about the Moth Repellent

A few of the many, in contrast, decided to return the sachets because they did not find the scent of the lavenda in the sachets strong enough for their wants. Some even said it did not scent at all.

3.Moth Repellant for Clothes (65 Pack) – Cedar Hangers, Rings, Balls, Sachets and Dried Lavender Flower Sachets. Premium Quality USA Wood for Closet/Drawers, Protect Clothing with Home Fragrance to Love

Up Next, this is the moth repellent pack from Armour Shell. The moth repellent is simply designed for clothes. It is a combination of cedar hangers, balls, sachets, and rings in addition to the premium quality wood of the USA to protect your drawers and closets. They are as well coming with home fragrance you will love to smell.

Per order of this, there are up to 65 pieces, and they will work effectively and durably to protect your clothes and more. With this at home, putting where it is supposed to be, you can be confident with the protection of your clothes from moths while the scent is pretty pleasant to serve. 

What Is Great about the Moth Repellent

Lots of reviews have been happy buyers. They feel so good about the moth repellent of this. People like the fact that there are plenty of pieces in the package, and they work well protecting their cloth, drawers and closets. Some simply said that is what they actually need.

What Isn’t Great about the Moth Repellent

A couple of the reviews, at the same time, are not too much convinced with the moth repellent. They said this is only an Okay Moth repellent. There is nothing special about it.

4.GOGOUP Cedar Sachets Bags, Cedar Chips Bag for Clothes Storage with Light Cedar Fragrance Odor Protection for wardrobes Closets and Drawers Freshener Clothes 20-Pack

Fourth is the GOGOUP Cedar Sachets. This blend of the pure natural materials makes up a very good moth repellent to try. There are 20 packs per order of this, and they are designed effectively to protect your drawers and closets as well as freshening their environments. 

This sachet, in addition, has a pleasant and long-lasting aroma. It works extremely effectively when it comes to repelling moths. That makes it very favorable for uses in storages, lockers, shoe cabinets and more with additional freshening aromatic scent. Other than this, the packs will go to you with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What Is Great about the Moth Repellent

Finding the sachets smelling nice, a lot of people have come to be so happy with their purchases of this. Even better, they are pretty satisfied with the fact that it really works repelling moths, protecting their cloth well.

What Isn’t Great about the Moth Repellent

Few said the smell is too strong for them while a couple others did not find it as effective, said to be far from the advertising. This or similar accounts for about 10 percent of all the reviews.

5.Cedar Chips Sachets Moth Repellent – Premium Protection for Clothes Storage. Sachet Bags of Shavings Made from Quality USA Wood Protects with Natural Non-Toxic Family Safe Alternative to Moth Balls.

Last to recommend, it is the Cedar Chips Sachets Moth Repellent. This sachet is claimed to provide a premium protection for your cloth storage and drawers. It is an all natural blend, and it is extremely safe for use. It is a good alternative to mothballs. Of this package, there are 12 pre-filled you can use.

Additionally, the sachets are said to have a long lasting effectiveness with additional home fragrance to entertain your smell. At such a high quality level, the moth repellent is very assured by its manufacturer by adding the 30 day money back guarantee in, meaning you can have a try with confidence and if you do not like it, you can seek a refund any time.

What Is Great about the Moth Repellent

The majority of the reviews have been on the side of this moth repellent. They feel satisfied with the effective repelling service of the repellent. They can see results after chasing moths away from their cloth storage. In addition to saying the moth repellent working great, many also like the pleasant smell of the sachets.

What Isn’t Great about the Moth Repellent

Some else said they smell no scent out of the sachets of their one, and they are not as useful and effective, as a result. To them, this sachet is not worth the recommendation. About 20 percent of the reviews by now feel this way or similar.