Groundhogs are the animals which often come to live around our properties. They can somehow mess up the garden and plants, oftentimes. And, because you are here, you might be thinking of chasing them away. If you really do, one of the best groundhog repellents below will help you. Our team has picked up and reviewed many highly rated groundhog repellents. As a result, we are to recommend only these top 5 we have found to be more reliable. You may spend a bit of time checking through and choosing it, accordingly.

1.I Must Garden Groundhog/Woodchuck Repellent 1 Gallon Ready-to-Use: All Natural Spray for Gardens, Plants, and Lawns – Pleasant Scent

First of all, let’s check out this Must Garden Groundhog Repellent. It is in a spray form, and it contains 1 gallon per order. The natural spray is a particular repellent liquid, blended just to deal with groundhogs or woodchucks. And, it works reliably and effectively. It has also been proven through tests by professional landscapers and gardeners.

The formula of this repellent liquid is, meanwhile, very lasting. Per application, it will last a good long time to protect your garden and house from groundhogs. It is, even more, rain resistant. And, because this groundhog repellent is very organic, it is extremely safe for use. Only botanical oils and organic ingredients are used.

What Is Great about the Groundhog Repellent

This groundhog repellent liquid has even exceeded the expectation of many. They have been extremely happy about the quality chasing of the repellent, in other words. One user has got it to keep groundhogs away from their sunflowers, and it works out great. This is another example of why lots of reviews have been given a 5 star rating.

What Isn’t Great about the Groundhog Repellent

At the same time, about 20 percent of all, till now, they have reported unsatisfied results. They see little or not all at effectiveness in chasing groundhogs away from their property. They then went on to rate this repellent only 1 or 2 stars.

2.Thanos Solar Sonic Mole Repellent Groundhog Repeller Gopher Deterrent Vole Chaser Spikes Traps Rodents No Killing – Protect Your Lawn and Garden of Outdoor

Second repellent for groundhogs is the Thanos Solar Mole Repellent. This repeller is meant to work against not only groundhogs but also gophers, voles, and other rodents. It is an effective chaser while it hurts none of the animals. Its quality is only to release the sonic vibration to annoy the groundhogs and chase them away.

The deterrent, in addition, uses solar power to operate. It is quite convenient and cost effective for users. Its coverage is extensive, on the other hand. There are four per this pack, and each of these will be protecting about 40 feet in diameter in circular pattern. The construction of the repellers are quite well-made, durable, and weatherproof.

What Is Great about the Groundhog Repellent

The overall rating this repellent has got is 3.4 stars out 5. It is a fair amount of reviews which are quite satisfied with the repellent, saying it works great for them. Actually, that feedback is a collection of their successful repelling experience, but to not only groundhogs but also other animals like voles and moles.

What Isn’t Great about the Groundhog Repellent

Certain negative reviews are also seen. They are about 30 percent of all, and they said the repellent did not work for them. To them, this is not a recommended repellent.

3.Tomcat Repellents Animal Repellent Granules1 – Repels Groundhogs, Rabbits, Squirrels, and Other Small Animals, Contains Essential Oils, Long Lasting, No Stink, Rain-Resistant

This another animal repellent is the Tomcat Groundhog repellent. It works fine against other animals such as rabbits and squirrels as well. The granule repellent simply contains essential oils that work as the repellent. Its effectiveness is powerful and lasting in addition to its rain resistant quality.

With the granule repellent with you, you will be able to protect your property as well as the garden well from groundhogs. The application, in addition, is pretty easy. You will just need to spread the granules around your garden or the area you do not want groundhogs to be around.

What Is Great about the Groundhog Repellent

A lot of reviews are seen to like this repellent well. Some are having problems with hugging rabbits as well as dogs coming to pee around their property. They have got this repellent to work, and it does the job really well according to their reviews. That is a general experience people have had, not necessarily to groundhogs.

What Isn’t Great about the Groundhog Repellent

A few others have instead reported the repellent is not effective to them. One was to deal with tom cats while some others was to chase squirrels. Unfortunately, they could not rely on the repellent. Up to now, about 30 percent of all feel more or less this way.

4.Chanshee Solar Animal Repellent Outdoor Animal Repeller- Effectively Scares Away Groundhogs, Cats, Dogs, Squirrels, Deer, Raccoon, Skunk, Birds

Fourth to see is the Chanshee Solar Animal Repellent. This is another outdoor device you can trust to repel animals such as groundhogs, cats, squirrels, raccoons, and more. It has the PIR motion sensor which is extremely sensitive to detect and guard your property zone from those animals. The repellent uses solar power to operate with built-in battery operation. In case, there is totally no sunlight for days, you still can get it to go on the work.

Once detected the animals, this repellent will release the high frequency. That vibration is quite disturbing to the animals’ hearing. Thus, they will choose to leave the area immediately. In addition to the sounds, there are flashing LED lights. That is another defence feature to scare those animals away.

What Is Great about the Groundhog Repellent

Of this particular repellent, people have feedback it is easy to use, the effectiveness is great, and it has a great value in its performance. Overall, up to 45 percent of all rated the repellent 5 stars, showing a handful amount of satisfaction.

What Isn’t Great about the Groundhog Repellent

Bad delivery has damaged the repellent in some cases. Those few cases turn out to be unhappy customers. As a result, they could not put it to work quickly. Few other cases directly said the repellent did not work for them.

5.NIKAND Solar Mole Repellent Ultrasonic 2 Pack Outdoor Powered Sonic Deterrent, Groundhog Repeller Snake Rodent Gopher Spikes Chaser Pest Control

Last of all, it is the NIKAND solar Mole Repellent which is our final choice for your consideration. The solar powered repellent is extremely effective and powerful to chase unwanted animals away from your property. This solar mole repellent comes in a pack of 2, and it is designed to deter not only groundhogs but also gophers, snakes, and other rodents.

The solar power repellent is quite safe, in the meantime. It involves no harsh chemicals that could be harmful to humans as well as those animals. This repellent instead only produces and emits the soundwave at a high frequency to chase the pests away once they are detected. A good, wide coverage is another good thing about this repellent for groundhogs.

What Is Great about the Groundhog Repellent

Many reviews agree with one another that the repellent has had a good value in its performance and quality. The solar repellent is found well-made and durable. Importantly, it performs its job and chases the animals away well.

What Isn’t Great about the Groundhog Repellent

Some reviews, on the other hand, see the animals walking through the repellent without bothering for anything. They then do not believe this repellent works.