Looking for the best centipede repellent? You have come right to our review list. Indeed, our team has gone through checking and reviewing many available centipede repellents. Upon our consideration through comparison, we have got a list of just the top ones to recommend. 

And, here they are, the following list of best centipede repellent reviews. In addition to the fact that they have been well-produced for the best effectiveness, lots of people who have used the repellent have highly recommended them. Because, from their experience, they can tell the repellents really work.

1.Ortho 0196710 Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray for Indoor and Home Perimeter, 1-Gallon (Ant, Roach, Spider, Stink Bug, Centipede Killer)

The first option to check out is this Ortho Home Defense Max Insect Killer. It is a spray repellent which is designed for indoor and home perimeter. Of this container, it is one gallon, and it will be great working against centipedes, ants, spiders, roaches, and other home insects you might be annoying with.

This liquid spray is effective, and you will be able to see it quickly. Even more, the effect of the spray lasts up to 12 months. It gives out a good period of time for the control. It leaves no stains while it creates bug barriers to make sure none of them return to annoy your life again.

What Is Great about the Centipede Repellent

The majority of the reviewers are simply delighted with this spray to repel centipedes. They find it working great to deal with insects, not only limited to the centipedes. Some even said they are tired of bugs waiting for them in the front, and this spray helps them well.

What Isn’t Great about the Centipede Repellent

A few want more. They said the repellent only works when it is sprayed directly on the insects. Some others are straightly upset because it just does not seem to work for them. 

2.Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Granules, 2.5-Pound

Second to have a look at is the Ortho Home Defense granules. This is another lovely solution to repel centipedes as well as other insects at home. This granule is extremely effective for pest control at home while its lasting effect is up to three months per application.

And of the amount available, 2.5 pound, it is going to cover around 2000 square feet for the protection. Regarding the application, it is recommended that one applies it to the home foundation and water it to dry. It will start quickly to defense as well as kill insects such as centipedes, spiders, ants, and more.

What Is Great about the Centipede Repellent

The effect is instantly obvious and even more lasting. It is a common reason why so many reviews are happy with the repellent. They feel it is worth the money they have spent on the product.

What Isn’t Great about the Centipede Repellent

Few reviews, in contrast, said after their application of this around their home, it did not seem to bother the centipedes a bit. Some others are upset with this repellent because they did not find it working well too against their annoying insects.

3.Ortho 0196410 Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray for Indoor and Home Perimeter, 24-Ounce (Ant, Roach, Spider, Stinkbug & Centipede Killer)

Third for now, and it is the Ortho Killer spray which is recommended. This spray is non-staining while being extremely effective to control insects at home. It works on various insects especially the centipedes, ants, roaches, and spiders. It is really a good option as the best centipede repellent.

The lasting control effect of the spray, in addition, is said to be 12 months, which is a long period of time per application. The spray has actually had a special formula to build the bug barrier defense. It is odor free, and it works terribly well against those insects, and you will start to notice the result quickly after the application.

What Is Great about the Centipede Repellent

One reviewer said this repellent makes them braver at home. Like many others, people are just delighted with the centipede spray repellent as they find it working perfectly fine for them. Some even got it to work well against multiple insects such as ants and roaches.

What Isn’t Great about the Centipede Repellent

Few, on the other hand, said roaches actually love the repellent. Some others simply said it did not work in their cases. It is a bit disappointing for them, as a result.

4.Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Cracks & Crevices – Spray Foam Kills Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Centipedes, Crickets, Boxelder Bugs & Other Listed Common Insects, Long-Lasting, 16 oz.

The fourth best centipede repellent is this another Ortho Home Defense insect killer. It is for centipedes, cracks and crevices, and more. The spray is pretty effective as it is claimed. It comes in a bottle of 16 oz, and it can reach hard-to-reach places well around home.

The repellent does kill and prevent those bugs from coming again. It has a long lasting effect up to 18 months. The spray is actually very nice as it works both indoors and outdoors. You will find it convenient too to spray and apply the foam over the places you want to. It is indeed a very good choice when it comes to the best centipede repellent.

What Is Great about the Centipede Repellent

The foam spray is said to get in tight places well. Even more importantly, people find it working and doing the job terribly well. They are happy that it works, and they are happy that the insects are no longer near their home. 

What Isn’t Great about the Centipede Repellent

To a few others, in contrast, they feel this is a waste of their money and time as the foam does not seem to work for them. It is about 8 percent among more than 1.3 k reviews who are feeling as such.

5.Terro T3206 Spider & Insect Trap (4 Count)

Terro T3206 is also a good solution, and it is to trap insects such as centipede and spiders effectively well. This trap is designed to catch various insects that might be annoying at home, even the big ones such as brown recluse, hobo spiders, and black widow. Meanwhile, it is just non-toxic and perfectly safe to use.

And because it comes in the form of a sticky pad, the trap can be used anywhere even when folded. It is also good so pets and children will not be touching the sticky surface. You can actually place this anywhere around your home, and you will see it catching insects soon.

What Is Great about the Centipede Repellent

A lot of people have been so thankful to this repellent, saying it works incredibly well for them. Some said in their reviews to others, “You will not be disappointed by this”. They simply show a lot of delightfulness and satisfaction over the repellent.

What Isn’t Great about the Centipede Repellent

Indeed, there are the ones who do not really think it works well for them. That accounts for about 13 percent of all the reviews by now. Because it did not work for them, they feel it is a waste of their money buying and trying this.