Are you looking for the best carpet beetle spray and deterrents? Here you go. Plenty of the products are available on the market. It will just take a bit of time to do the research and select the best ones. Things are even easier here as our team has done the job for you. 

And as a result from our many hours of work, checking, reviewing, and comparing among many, we have got this list of the top 5 best carpet beetle spray and deterrents for your consideration. A few minutes in will be enough to let you know which one to pick.

1.Enoz Moth Cake Pack of 6 Kills Carpet Beetles, Clothes Moths,  and Eggs and Larvae

First of all, it is the Enoz Moth Cake Pack that is recommended. This pack is produced to effectively kill cloth moths and carpet beetles for both the eggs and larvae. It comes as a pack of 6, and it has a slim profile, consuming only a little space of yours either in a garment bag or closet.

This Enoz moth cake is actually the product of Willert Home Products, which has started since 1946. It then becomes a very trusted brand for the high quality moth repellent product.  With the Enoz carpet beetle cake, you can keep in and around your home safe from the insects while protecting your cloth and carpets well. 

What Is Great about the Carpet Beetle Deterrent

According to the overall review rating many have given to this carpet beetle deterrent, it is a fairly good one. People find it working the trick out great, eliminating not only carpet beetles but also moths. Some others are delighted that it also deodorizes well.

What Is Great about the Carpet Beetle Deterrent

There are some reviews, in contrast, who just do not like the smell of the product, saying it is a hell no to their nose. They then do not like the item that much.

2.Reefer-Galler SLA Cedar Scented Spray Kills Clothes Moths, Carpet Beetles, and Eggs and Larvae

Reefer-Galler SLA Cedar Spray is our next best carpet beetle spray. It first of all has a beautiful scent added while it works great killing carpet beetles and cloth moth. You can either use the spray for any of them. Likewise, the spray will kill both eggs and larvae. And, you can then keep all your things safe and smell good.

This is indeed such a very good repellent product for the problems, and if you feel you need more than one, you can choose a different pack which has 1,3, and 6 bottle packs are available. Just like so many users, you will likely feel extremely satisfied as the spray is such a high quality one with proven effectiveness.

What Is Great about the Carpet Beetle Spray

A lot have felt really good about the carpet beetle spray of this. They said it saves rugs and carpets as well as their money. Some others highly recommend the product as they find it working obviously well without being noticeable. The majority, indeed, have given this the 5 star rating.

What Is Great about the Carpet Beetle Spray

One review said the spray makes their skin sting for a day. Some others received the torn-up spray that will not spray. It is these little issues that get some to not feel good about the spray.

3.Enoz Moth Ice Crystals (Case of 4) Kills Clothes Moths, Carpet Beetles, and Eggs and Larvae

Coming third, this is another product of Enoz Moth but the ice crystal one. It is a case of 4, and it is designed to work great killing carpet beetles as well as clothes moths. The item has been proven to work really fine against both eggs and larvae, given itself a good name and trust for the job. 

To keep your home safe from moths and carpet beetles that will somehow destroy your things, you can get this Enoz moth to repel them. It is such a really good product for the problem. Other than this, you can sit and relax, just wait and see the incredible result the repellent will work out for you.

What Is Great about the Carpet Beetle Deterrent

So far, there are not as many reviews made to this item. However, we can see people feeling quite satisfied with the spray, having found it to work really good for them. And they seem to be so happy with all of these.

What Is Great about the Carpet Beetle Deterrent

Some complaints go over the fact that the products delivered are not as described in the picture. They also said it is almost too small while disintegrating very fast. 

4.Reefer-Galler NO Moth Closet Hanger Kills Clothes Moths, Carpet Beetles, and Eggs and Larvae

Our second last item is the Reefer-Galler. It is another hanger which is extremely effective to repel moths within the closet or repel carpet beetles. It works against both eggs and larvae, in addition. When you want this to work in the closet, you may hang it on the rod or sit it on the self.

This is actually the real deal when it comes to indoor bug problems. Just like a lot of people who have previously bought and used the product, you are likely to be pretty satisfied with how this product will work for you. It has an incredible formula to make itself very effective, as a result popular.

What Is Great about the Carpet Beetle Deterrent

For those many who really like this item, it is because they have found it working incredibly well for them, dealing with moths and carpet beetles at home. They also show their impression by giving this product a very good rating review in addition to their comments.

What Is Great about the Carpet Beetle Deterrent

Some people agree that the moth balls work fine, but they do not like the strong fragrance of it. A few others even said they feel the balls are quite toxic.

5.Hot Shot 100047495 HG-20177 No Mess Fogger, Aerosol, 3/1.2-Ounce, Model:100047, Case Pack of 1

The last best carpet beetle spray is this Hot Shot Fogger. This is another brilliant choice when it comes to dealing with moth and carpet beetles. This aerosol Hot Shot is 3.5 ounce per can, and it works incredibly well to kill those in contact. It even works to neutralize odor while killing. Its effectiveness, in addition, lasts up to 6 weeks per application.

And because it is in the aerosol foam, it reaches anywhere including the cracks and crevices to kill those bugs effectively. The product also comes with a smart dry fog technology, allowing it to do its job perfectly well. It is going to leave no stain over your things while the best places for application are basements, attics, cabins, crawl spaces, sheds, and more.

What Is Great about the Carpet Beetle Deterrent

A lot of people have found out the product works well for them. It really solves the bug problems at home for them, and they are extremely delighted. Consequently, they come back and rate the item very positive. This is another confirmation for you to pick this one up and have a try.

What Is Great about the Carpet Beetle Deterrent

About 15 percent of all the reviews so far are not really happy. They could see the expected results, feeling the product does not work as advertised. Thus, this group tends to rate the product between 1 and 3 stars only.